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SNUGEN Floater Golf Ball Review: Up to Par Excellence?

SNUGEN Floater Golf Ball Review

As avid golf enthusiasts, we've recently had the chance to test out SNUGEN GOLF's Floater Golf Balls during our weekend retreat by the lake. Let's just say that they're a game-changer for anyone who loves to practice their swing near water bodies.

The performance of these floating balls genuinely surprised us. Despite the playful concept, they have a serious feel to them, mimicking the heft and flight you'd expect from standard golf balls.

With our hits, they easily stood up to the real deal. Whether it was our swings from the dock or towards a swim platform, the balls provided consistent feedback and were a joy to play with.

SNUGEN Floater Golf Ball Review

However, these balls aren't without their quirks. On a windy day, you might find it a tad more challenging to spot them bobbing on the waves, but that's all part of the fun.

Our personal tip: bring along an extendable net for easy collection—you'll thank us later.

Bottom Line

For golfers who are familiar with the frustration of losing balls to watery graves, SNUGEN's floater balls are a fantastic solution.

Their solid performance and practical design offer a unique way to enjoy golf in new environments.

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SNUGEN (TM) Floater Golf Ball Overview

Having tried the SNUGEN Floater Golf Balls, we've found that their 2-piece construction with a 326 dimple pattern gives them a realistic feel, akin to that of regular golf balls.

With a compression of 90, their performance is admirable; they fly well with a satisfying impact off the club face.

Useful for water-side practice, these balls float, making retrieval from a pool or lake hassle-free.

One minor issue we noted is visibility. In windy conditions, spotting them can be a challenge, but on calm days, they're much easier to locate.

While they don't float high above the water's surface, the small portion that peeks out is generally sufficient to find them.

You'll find these in packs of 12, suitable for an extended practice session without frequent collection breaks.

The overall consensus among users is that these floating balls are a practical solution for avid golfers with a penchant for practicing near water bodies.

2-Piece Construction

After a few rounds at the local pond, we've got a solid take on the SNUGEN Floater Golf Balls.

These are not your average golf balls, with their 2-piece construction designed specifically for floating on water.

This unique design is a boon for any golfer practicing near water hazards, as it saves us the hassle of losing balls to the depths.

We noticed the resilience of these balls immediately. Despite repeated whacks with a nine iron, the structural integrity held up, which speaks to the high-quality materials and build.

The exterior is sturdy, yet the ball performs well with a consistent flight path and decent control around the green.

However, the floating feature does come with a minor trade-off. Compared to standard golf balls, these floaters don't offer the same feel or spin control, which might be noticeable to the seasoned golfer.

But this shouldn't deter beginners or casual players, as the overall functionality for practice sessions remains high.

Overall, these SNUGEN practice balls are a smart pick for those looking to avoid the frustration of losing balls and to keep the focus on improving their swing.

326 Dimple Pattern

After a few rounds with the SNUGEN Floater Golf Ball, it's clear that its 326 dimple design has a specific purpose.

We noticed that these dimples provide the ball with a stable and consistent flight path compared to others.

The aerodynamic properties are credible—enough to keep the ball on a straighter trajectory, especially in windy conditions.

The pattern may not be a game-changer, but it certainly enhances the experience on the water.

Yes, as floating golf balls, they are not meant for professional play, but their responsiveness, when struck, feels remarkably similar to standard golf balls. The dimples play a role in that.

Some golfers might debate the importance of dimple patterns, but we found the particular design of the SNUGEN does indeed affect water interaction, offering less drag and a more reliable bounce on impact with the water's surface.

For golfers looking to amp up their practice, these dimple dynamics are worth noting.

Practice Anywhere

In our quest for the perfect swing, we've found the SNUGEN Floater Golf Balls to be pretty handy.

Whether you're lounging by the pool or spending a day at the lake, these golf balls are a great match for water-bound practice sessions.

We've been impressed with their performance, especially considering their two-piece construction and the 326 dimple pattern, which closely mimics the flight of standard golf balls.

Having a pack of 12 means there's little interruption in practice – no need to fish them out of the water after every hit.

But it's not all sunny skies; the 90 compression may not translate perfectly to the feel of regular balls on the course.

Nevertheless, for convenient and enjoyable practice in water-adjacent locations, they've certainly added an element of fun to our game without the hassle of lost balls.

Pros and Cons

After spending some time practicing our swings with the SNUGEN Floater Golf Balls, we've observed several advantages and a few drawbacks. Here's our breakdown:


  • Play Anywhere with Water: These balls are excellent for playing in aquatic environments. We've found them especially convenient at our pool and lakeside retreats, which means practice never has to end, even on a day at the water.
  • Real-Feel Experience: Unlike some practice balls, these floaters offer a genuine golf ball feel. They have a solid 2-piece construction and a 326 dimple pattern, similar to what we're used to on the course.
  • High Visibility: Sporting a bright yellow color, these balls are easy to track in flight and spot on the water. It's a smart design choice that helps us avoid losing sight of our shots.
  • Cost-Effective: Since we can easily retrieve these balls from the water, we're not constantly buying new ones. It feels good to save some cash and still get plenty of swing practice.


  • Weather Sensitivity: On windy days, it can be a challenge to locate the balls, even with their bright hue. Calm conditions are definitely preferred to avoid a less-than-ideal search.
  • Potential to Lose in Certain Waters: While generally easy to retrieve, we've unfortunately sacrificed a couple of balls to swampy or very murky water, which could get frustrating if it happens too often.
  • Visibility in Rough Conditions: In situations where the water isn't still, such as with boat wakes or strong currents, locating the balls becomes more difficult, which slightly interrupts the flow of practice.

Ease of Recovery

We've found that the SNUGEN Floater Golf Balls are a true game-changer for waterside practice.

Their high visibility yellow color aids in locating them after a swing across the lake.

These balls have the remarkable ability to stay afloat, which means you can hit them into water bodies with confidence, knowing retrieval won't be an arduous task.

From our experience, even when the wind picks up and the water becomes choppy, the balls remain visible, with a small part protruding above the surface.

Fishing them out was quite straightforward, although in swampy areas, things can get tricky, and you might lose sight of them – it's not foolproof.

For those with a waterfront property, these balls help to transform the space into a personal golfing retreat.

Just be aware they won't float like foam balls, so it's the subtle bobbing you'll need to spot.

We recommend having a fishing net handy which maximizes the efficiency of recovering these floating practice balls.

Keep in mind, though, while they are easier to retrieve than traditional golf balls, they're not immune to hiding in murkier waters.

Customer Reviews

We've been hitting the SNUGEN Floater Golf Balls around the lake and we must say, these balls have been a game-changer for our practice sessions.

The general consensus among players is that they mimic the feel of a regular golf ball quite closely.

While they may be a tad difficult to spot in windy conditions, the bright yellow hue typically makes them easy to find when the water's calm.

Several users noted the convenience factor—no more saying goodbye to balls lost in the water during those ambitious shots over the lake.

In fact, one of us managed to lose a couple to swampy water, proving these golf balls aren't entirely foolproof. But, retrieval's usually a cinch, and it's become a bit of a workout fetching them after a series of swings.

Though they may not bob around like foam balls, the SNUGEN balls do stick out slightly on the water's surface, making them identifiable post-drive.

Families have mentioned that these are a fantastic addition to lakeside fun, where even the kids get in on the action practicing swings and enjoying the search-and-rescue recovery afterwards.

In our experience, these balls have been a cost-effective, practical way to enjoy full-swing practice without the hassle of losing balls.

If you're considering bringing these into your collection, take it from us, they're worth the try for the convenience and resemblance to the genuine on-course experience.


After spending some time with the SNUGEN Floater Golf Balls, we've come to appreciate the unique convenience they offer.

The bright yellow color aids in visibility, particularly important when hitting over water. We did lose a couple in denser, swamp-like areas, but generally, retrieval was straightforward using a simple fishing net.

It's worth noting that while they feel similar to traditional golf balls, they won't substitute for the real thing in all aspects of practice due to their floating design.

We've found their performance to be quite impressive, offering significant distance off the tee. However, they may be harder to spot on windy days, as calm waters are ideal for spotting the small portion that remains above the surface.

For golf enthusiasts with access to a water body, the SNUGEN balls can be a game-changer, particularly when it comes to cost-saving, since you’re less likely to lose balls permanently.

In our experience, these balls do indeed provide a solid practice alternative without the fear of wasting balls, bringing a novel and enjoyable twist to our golf practice sessions by the water.

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