Butch Harmon calls him “golf’s bright new teaching star”: His 8-minute “swing cheat” unlocks 20-30 yards more distance by leveraging a ‘hidden power joint’ you’ve never heard of.


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Exploring the world of golf one swing at a time - Our golf blog is more than a mere collection of articles; it's a dynamic, interactive platform created for both novice and expert golfers alike. This online oasis invites readers to dive deep into various golf topics, making it a comprehensive go-to for any golf-related query or curiosity.

A Spectrum of Golf Topics

Our golf blog extends far beyond the scope of standard golf articles; it's an immersive experience that delves into every facet of the game. From technical tips and historical narratives to golf etiquette and top tournament reviews, you'll be left with no golfing stone unturned.

Technical Tips and Tricks

Every golfer, regardless of their skill level, aims to refine their technique. Our blog features in-depth technical articles designed to improve your swing, grip, stance, and overall golf performance. Get ready for a wealth of content on equipment reviews, choosing the right clubs, and how technology is revolutionizing golf training.

Historical Golf Narratives

Immerse yourself in golf's rich history with our meticulously curated historical narratives. Learn about golf's Scottish roots, the evolution of the golf ball, the development of the first golf clubs, and the legendary golfers who have shaped the sport over centuries.

Golf Etiquette

Understanding golf etiquette is a crucial aspect of fully appreciating the game. Our articles illuminate the unwritten rules of the game and explain their significance in maintaining golf's unique sporting culture. We'll guide you through concepts like pace of play, divot repair, bunker etiquette, and more.

Tournament Reviews

From The Masters and The Open Championship to the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship, our blog provides comprehensive reviews of these tournaments and more. Enjoy detailed coverage of each event, with analysis of the top players, key moments, and crucial strokes that define these iconic competitions.

Golf Travel and Courses

For the avid golf traveler, our blog serves as a compass, pointing you towards the most scenic and challenging golf courses worldwide. Explore the stunning greens of St. Andrews, the desert beauty of Pebble Beach, or the island charm of Hawaii's golf courses, with our insightful articles on golf travel and courses.

Golf Fitness and Health

Your physical fitness directly influences your golf game. We offer articles focused on golf-specific fitness and health advice, including exercises, diet tips, and injury prevention strategies. Learn how to increase flexibility, build core strength, and enhance overall endurance to improve your game.

Interviews and Golf Personality Profiles

Get up close and personal with the movers and shakers of the golfing world. Our blog showcases exclusive interviews and profiles of professional golfers, course architects, caddies, and other influential personalities who have left their imprint on the game.

In Conclusion

Our golf blog is the quintessential platform for anyone with an affinity for golf. With a cornucopia of topics ranging from the intricacies of the game's techniques to the grandeur of its history and culture, we endeavor to satisfy the curiosity of every golf enthusiast. So, join us as we journey through the compelling world of golf, one blog post at a time.